Be Wise When It Comes To Selling Your House

The idea of “selling my own house” can call for sleepless nights and a lot of hard work. While there are enough agents and realtors in the market to help you with this, but the fact is that selling your house is a challenging job for anyone.
Why would you not want an agent’s involvement? Agents have a thorough knowledge in this field. They have enough data that can help you find a prospective buyer. Agents have a fair idea of the ongoing trends in the market and how a deal can be cracked. In spite of having so many advantages, there are a lot of people who avoid going to the agents. Yes, you can sell your house privately through online channels.

One of the biggest reasons that individuals are ditching agents is because of the huge commissions. The commission fees is anywhere between 6% to 10%, which is quite high. The research that goes in finding and selecting an agent who is reliable and efficient is a process in itself. Once you are dependent on the agent then things move according to their pace and speed which could be difficult to handle for some of the sellers.

So, what could be the benefits of selling your house privately?
•    Direct dealing

Since there are no agents involved, no middle man, the process is transparent and clear. You are directly dealing with the buyer which in most of the cases is less complicated and helps close a deal faster. It’s a lot easier as both the seller and the buyer can decide mutually on all the matters related to the deal.

•    No commission

No payments made to the agent by seller or the buyer. This is one of the get huge profits of selling your house privately. While it is difficult and unfair to comment on the commission based system at the same time if you opt out of it then it’s “Your money in your pocket” and it ends there.

•    You and your way

Mostly when you hire an agent, you have to work around their schedules and timings. This will waste your time. It’s a real test of patience for some sellers in this situation especially when you are in a hurry to sell. This way, you take charge and control of most of the things.

•    More money

Research has shown that deals normally done without involving an agent fetch the seller more money for their property. You don’t have the pressure of dropping your price. However, it is advisable to do a thorough market research before demanding a price. One cannot to the mistake of being unrealistic. There is no right or wrong here. One has to decide what suits them the best. What could work for one may not work for other.You is the best judge in this scenario. Whatever method you opt for selling your house, just acts wisely, be sensible and make realistic choices of private sale on